SEO and Mobile Optimization for 2016

When asked what the single most important emerging SEO trend will be for 2016, Navneet Kaushal, CEO of PageTraffic said: 

"That’s easy. Clearly, mobile optimization will take front and center stage this year. Marketers who neglect to specifically target people using mobile devices will not only be limiting their reach, but they’ll also be effectively committing SEO suicide." *

Mobile use and searches are outnumbering desktops now and will inevitably continue to do so.  Optimizing your website for mobile use is one of the single best investments you can make in your marketing and advertising efforts in 2016.  Not only will your viewers have a much worse user experience on a non-mobile-friendly website, you will also be punished by the major search engines.

Social media is also playing more of a role now than ever.  As of last year, Google has starting showing Tweets in their search results making it more relevant than ever to run an effecting social media campaign.

The American Marketing Association suggest that these are the 6 general rules to follow for SEO moving into 2016**:

  1. Intention is everything
  2. Keywords aren’t the be-all and end-all
  3. Focus on the user experience
  4. Size matters
  5. Optimize for mobile
  6. Use unique images

Read the full article here.

A final comment should be made about the importance of niche-oriented content that is becoming more important.  Competition is stronger than ever so it's beneficial to find your unique place in the market and focus on that.

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**American Marketing Association:

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