Once you talk to Silver Barrel about your hosting needs, we'll make the necessary arrangements to set up your hosting account on our servers and will help you change the DNS to point your domain name to your new hosting account. We typically make these adjustments during non-business hours to avoid any interruption.

Before we initiate the change, we'll send you a hosting information sheet which will contain all of the user names, passwords and settings you'll need to set up your email and manage your account. At this point, you can add your new email account to Outlook, or your email application of choice, as well as any mobile devices.

Note Once we initiate the switch, it can take up to 48 hours to complete (propagate). You'll know that the switch is complete when you begin receiving emails on the new account. Your old account will also begin to display errors when sending and receiving. At this point, you can delete the old mail accounts from your email application.

Note To avoid any conflicts, it's important that you remember to cancel your email/hosting accounts with your old provider once we confirm that the move is complete.