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Bluewater Technologies Corporation’s (Bluewater) mission is to be the leader of sustainable business by maximizing the three core values embedded in sustainability; environmental, cultural, and the financial. It is fundamental to Bluewater that these values be maximized in all aspects of our business.

Bluewater was founded on the Vision that through the recovery of submerged tropical timber it would be possible to offset the terrestrial deforestation currently occurring in the tropical rainforests across the globe. It would also be possible to employ and build capacity within the local people and communities in the areas where Bluewater operates. It is paramount that Bluewater employs technology which maintains and fosters the integrity of the environment in which it operates.

To put this Vision into perspective a few numbers are in order. The world demand for round wood fiber (logs) is 4.2 billion cubic meters. The annual increase in demand is 52 million cubic meters. One average sized telephone pole is approximately one cubic meter in size and the annual timber harvest in British Columbia is approximately 65 million cubic meters. Therefore the world is increasing its consumption by one British Columbia every year…how many British Columbia’s are left?! Fortunately there are approximately 45 thousand hydroelectric reservoirs worldwide and of those half are found in the tropical hemisphere. The value of the forests submerged in those reservoirs is estimated to be in the hundreds of billions of dollars. Therefore, the need to access that timber is immense which is why Bluewater was created…the opportunity to make a difference is here.

Bluewater’s commitment to the Vision is strong and it will demonstrate this commitment through the establishment of a Bluewater Community Enrichment Program. This program is a prelude to the eventual formation of the Bluewater Foundation; whose purpose is to foster and incubate small business and sustainable initiatives focused on improving the cultural, environmental and fiscal stability within the locals where Bluewater operates or has influence.

To further its commitment, Bluewater will employ and use state of the art equipment, environmentally-friendly fuels and lubricants and recycled products where available and operationally feasible. Bluewater will also ensure that its labour standards, practices and wage rates exceed those currently found in-country while realizing the need to be sensitive to the issue of creating an imbalance in the local culture and society. It is imperative that the standards found in-country are improved in a manner so as to respect and balance the local culture and politics of the country.

Bluewater recognizes that its mission will need to be adapted and revised as time and circumstances dictate but that the underlying Vision will be maintained and held at the forefront of our decision process. Bluewater is committed to making the practice of sustainability a reality and to prove a company can maximize its value to its share and stakeholders through more than just what can be demonstrated fiscally through its stock price.