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The Company

The Bluewater Corporate team represents 125 years of combined experience in the design, construction and operation of submersible vehicles (ROV). The market for Bluewater in hardwood fiber mining is 45,000 “ponds” worldwide, with a sales for ROSCO© (submersible vehicle) of US $382.5 billion market ‘CAP’.

About Us

Founded in 2006 Bluewater Technologies Corporation (Bluewater) is a world leader in technology development, service, support and consulting in the field of submerged tropical hardwood mining. Gerry Boivin, a founding partner, started underwater timber mining with ROVs over ten years ago and was a pioneer in North America to commence such a visionary activity. His vision continues with Bluewater. The success of Bluewater results from its commitment to its people, the communities, the environment, and to its shareholders, who are paramount. This commitment is solidified through its partnerships with foundations whose mission is to build capacity in the people and communities where Bluewater operates through business incubation and environmental stewardship activities.

Mission Statement

To be the global leader in underwater tropical hardwood harvesting through the implementation in Triple Bottom Line (SEE principal) practices and through the design, fabrication and operation state of the art, environmentally respectful equipment and products.