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Internal News Bulletin

March 29, 2007 - Doug Stables, BSF MBA RPF, President


After two years of planning and support from our core group, “the Bluewater Advisory Board”, I am pleased to announce the 2007 public launch of Bluewater Technologies Corporation (Bluewater). Special recognition must go to my founding partners, Mr. Gerry Boivin, technology and logistics, and Mr. Rory Kulmala, engineering and quality assurance.


Bluewater specializes in the manufacture, sales, and consulting services for underwater resource recovery technology. Our technology, ROSCO®, is a remotely operated submersible vehicle (ROV) specifically designed for recovering submerged resources from any water body worldwide. In its current configuration, ROSCO® is focused on the recovery of submerged tropical hardwoods, found as standing submerged timber or submerged logs. However, ROSCO®’s design flexibility makes it easily adaptable to other uses. As the market for submerged resources is diverse, Bluewater is well positioned for the mining, oil and gas, and subsea object recovery sectors.

Bluewater Experts

Bluewater consists of a well-rounded team of experts from the fields of ROV operation, design and fabrication, sustainability, wood product marketing, shore infrastructure engineering, accounting and finance. This team and our Board of Advisors have working together since Bluewater was only a vision, and are committed to its success.

The Market

The market opportunity for underwater resources is very large. Over 45,000 reservoirs exist worldwide, approximately half of them containing submerged hardwoods such as teak, mahogany, ebony, and rosewood. The estimated value of this submerged wood is in the hundreds of billions of dollars US. Mineral resources found beneath the water’s surface are, so far, an untapped opportunity. The scope of these markets is astronomical and our early entry into them will ensure substantial returns.

Scope of Return

Bluewater is positioned to deliver our products and services to international markets where high value opportunities for fibre recovery exist. It is important to realize that although the potential financial returns from this endeavour are vast, it is equally important that Bluewater conduct business in a sustainable manner, ensuring valuable social and environmental returns. Bluewater will operate or have influence in areas of the world far less developed than North America. We commit to preserving and where possible, enhancing, the natural environment where we operate. Further, we will respect and build capacity in the cultural environment of these areas.

The Present

Bluewater entered 2007 with exciting developments including a written Expression of Interest from a well-established BC company that conducts sustainable forestry operations across Canada and in Latin America. We have also signed a Memorandum of Understanding with a second company based in Vancouver specializing in market development, auditing and tax strategies for Latin America. Both these developments have great synergies and create many opportunities for all parties and for Bluewater in Latin America.

Your Participation

The Bluewater investment opportunity creates enthusiasm and great returns. I wish to offer you a ground-floor look at Bluewater’s growth potential and a chance to share in that growth. Please contact myself directly to find out more on how you can participate in Bluewater’s exciting future.

“This is not to be considered as an offering of securities.”

Bluewater Technologies Corporation established in early 2007 is a private, Canadian owned, Victoria BC based company, originally established to manufacture, sell, and consult to the underwater resource recovery sector.

Bluewater Technologies Corporation manufactures specialized remotely operated vehicles (ROV) ROSCO® for sale to value added retailers (VAR) and industrial partners for deployment in water bodies worldwide. ROSCO® and related technology (patent pending) is at the forefront of underwater resource recovery technology.

Please contact us with any inquiries.