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May 9, 2007 - Doug Stables, BSF MBA RPF, President

Bluewater Technologies Corporation (Bluewater) is pleased to announce the creation and soon to be released Reclaimed Wood Brand and Third Party Certification program; OneForest OneWorld™.

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The Vision of OneForest OneWorld™ is to create a global brand to market wood products derived solely from sources of wood previously considered “lost”. Those sources will include submerged (tropical and temperate) timber, reclaimed wood from historic structures, and wood previously considered non merchantable from Eco-certified terrestrial forests. All the wood products sold under this brand will be certified as “Reclaimed” by a yet to be disclosed third party certification organization. The identity stamp of the certification will be:
OneForest Logo

Potential products will include but not be limited to lumber, fine furniture, art works, cultural handcrafts, industrial fiber products and raw fiber products.

The Mission will be to capture the branding, certification and marketing of all reclaimed wood produced in the global market place. This will be achieved through share ownership by member organizations with a vested interest in the sustainable reclaimed wood industry and through the creation of the passion for reclaimed wood; every piece has a story which needs to be told.