About Us

Groundswell is a leading real estate development company investing capital and expertise in Urban renewal development. For over a decade the Groundswell executive team has worked arduously to deliver above average returns to its stake holders. The Groundswell founders have been involved in real estate projects in Canada, the United States and the Dominican Republic totaling in excess of 80 million dollars. Groundswell is currently acquiring land for a master planned sustainable community with a build out value of over 1 billion.

The company has evolved its leadership in the transformation of blighted communities into world class examples of sustainable development by applying expertise, creativity and through collaborating with strategic partners. Groundswell presents innovative, real estate-based investment solutions that intelligently leverage current market conditions to empower the investor and enable high annualized returns with ultra low-risk exposure.

Groundswells track record is built on over 10 years of successfully sourcing undervalued properties and repositioning them to maximize return on investment. Our interdisciplinary team of experienced real estate and investment professionals, our access to capital and our leadership in the field is evident in the properties we have transformed and the consistent, sustainable returns we generate. Further, our work has demonstrated that profitability harmonized with responsibility is the key to generating long term sustainable wealth.


We believe that maximum long term value is achieved through a triple bottom line investment strategy: increased social development, positive environmental impact and the pursuit of the highest economic returns. Our philosophy is one of the key differentiators that enable us to find lucrative niche markets that were overlooked when money alone was the driving factor. By indentifying projects that carry intrinsic social and environmental benefits in addition to potential for higher than average market returns we are able to create lasting value for investors, partners, occupants and whole communities.


The GROUNDSWELL vision is to create prosperity in the lives we touch and to be a catalyst for positive change on a global scale through our specialties in urban renewal, emerging markets and socially responsible real estate development.


The GROUNDSWELL mission is to consistently deliver above average returns to investors through carefully chosen real estate development opportunities. We accomplish this in a fun and challenging work environment that demonstrates a balanced respect for people, our partners, the planet that is harmonized with sustainable prosperity. To measure our success, we adhere to these guiding principles and values:

  • PROFIT: maximize profits through a triple-bottom-line investment strategy
  • PEOPLE: provide an inspiring and challenging place to work that rewards team members with training, recognition and opportunities to advance and reach their full potential
  • PARTNERS: form strategic partnerships with responsible companies who share our values and support our mission to create prosperity for all Groundswell stakeholders
  • PLANET: be the proactive and innovative force behind the development of world class sustainable spaces that create value for occupants, owners and communities