The GROUNDSWELL team has perfected a specialty in locating and assembling parcels of land with high potential for revitalization. Our proprietary success formula unlocks the profit potential of these urban areas by aligning the interests of investors, owners, regulators and occupants with innovative, win-win-win renewal strategies.

Vision for the Corner
In 2004 the Groundswell principals began assembling land on one of the most prominent street corners in Edmonton for a 250-unit luxury high-rise project that eventually became known as "Vision for the Corner". This land assembly involved the acquisition of 36 individually owned condominiums, a medical centre, three vacant lots, a commercial strip mall, and five single family homes. When completed in 2006 the site consisted of 43 different titles spread over 4.5 acres of urban land. Groundswell mobilized a team of interdisciplinary professionals that worked together for two years to create the acclaimed "Vision for the Corner". The project was approved in 2008 after five days of town council meetings and was selected by the City Of Edmonton as one of 50 developments featured at the "Dream Big Edmonton" economic development conference.

The Quarters
In 2006, the Groundswell principals were invited to become part of a development team led by Brad Kennedy of Brinsmead Ziola Kennedy Architects. The team's mandate was to revitalize Edmonton's Downtown East neighborhood by creating an urban master planned community. The team came up with a mixed-use concept that called for five distinct character areas within the community with features that included high rises, green spaces, water features, shops and a promenade connecting the community to the River Valley. The plan was presented to the City of Edmonton and the area subsequently renamed "The Quarters" and the process of revitalization begun.

The Quarters