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Paul Brown with the Grand Prix Girls after his show at The Comic Strip.
Paul Brown with Miss Grand Prix at The Comic Strip.
Paul Brown took part in the Annual Kidney Foundation Charity Golf Tournament.
Paul Brown & A Channel's Jennifer Martin emcee the Kidney Foundation Golf Tournament.
The Bear particpated in The Canadian Brewhouse's annual golf tournement.
Paul Brown makes friends with some golf course hotties
Yukon Jack and Park Warden check out the scenery.
The Big Show came to the Paul Brown Show.
And he laid the smack down!
Some Bear listeners came to Diamond's Gentlemen Club for the Rockstar Olympics
Mullet Man tries to act like a real rockstar: he's got the bitches.
Look! They're breakdance fighting. The two finalists battle it out.
Congratulations to the winner, Chris. The Bear and Molson beer are sending him to Toronto to see Oasis
Congratulations to Chris for winning the contest. He got Pearl Jam tickets. He lasted for an astounding minute and 20 seconds. If you think that sounds easy, try it.
Carrie didn't fare so well; she only lasted 20 seconds.
There was a lot going on that day..
He likes to smile while he gets down to business.
The Bear and Molson House welcomed Seether. Park Warden interviewed the band
The audience was treated to a great acoustic set by Seether
Hardcore Green Day fans at the start of the Green Day Parade
Yukon Jack makes some noise during the Green Day Parade
Gillian Foote, second from left, with her hot friends. The brunette on the far left is in this clip. Yukon is trying to get a date with any of them
Yukon Jack frolics in the Bear's Fountain for Youth at West Edmonton Mall
The Paul Brown Show with the organizer of the world's longest hockey game, Dr. Brent Saik
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