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Lots of people have been touched by cancer and came to give their support
The Paul Brown Show got to meet and feed Coda, the orphaned baby grizzly bear, rescued by the Edmonton Valley Zoo
Yukon Jack makes friends as he feeds Coda
The party keeps on rockin' at Dante's 4th I-wanna-lei-ya luau
Paul Brown parties hard at Dante's 2nd I-wanna-lei-ya luau
Lucky Bear listeners meet Slash and Velvet Revolver!
Bear Program Director Ryan Zimmerman and Gillian Foote meet Slash and the gang
Paul Brown at his first Dante's "I-wanna-lei-ya luau"
Yukon Jack and King of the Cage contender Butterbean
Looks like Butterbean got the upperhand
The Paul Brown Show welcomed A Channel's Kristi Gordon to the March 11th show
Paul Brown and Kristi Gordon in the Bear studios
The Paul Brown Show welcomed CFRN's Josh Classen to the March 4th show
Gillian Foote and Josh Classen in the Bear studios
2 guys had to 'manscape' each other for Motley Crue tickets
The 'Crue' cut begins
The Paul Brown Show challenged 2 'dudettes' to go nude for Motley Crue tickets
Nude with a dudette in a sleeping bag
The Paul Brown Show also challenged 2 dudes to go nude for Motley Crue tickets
Nude with a dude in a sleeping bag
The Paul Brown Show welcomed A Channel's Jennifer Martin to the Feb 25th show
The Paul Brown Show partied with Tupelo Honey after one of their shows
The Paul Brown Show were judges at The Nest's NAIT idol
The Paul Brown Show welcomed CFRN's Carrie Doll to the Feb 18th show
Carrie Doll and Gillian Foote in the Bear studios
The Paul Brown Show welcomed Global's Gord Steinke to the Feb 4th show
The Paul Brown Show welcomed CFRN's Darryl MacIntyre to the Feb 11th show
Standard Radio celebrated Jasper in January with their Christmas party
Paul Brown and The Bear's General manager Marty Forbes free Todd James
Yukon Jack and Program Director Ryan Zimmerman
Paul Brown got some ice time
Paul Brown's Mom, spreading Christmas Cheer, over the holidays
Hundreds of people showed up to support Alberta Beef, Milk, and Pork industries, and have a free BBQ lunch
The Paul Brown Show made it happen
Park Warden stopped by to lend a hand
The Paul Brown Show presents a cheque to Parents Empowering Parents on behalf of The Bear's Children's Fund
Paul Brown interviews Edmonton Road Runner's Rocky Thompson
While in City Hall, The Paul Brown Show meets Jojo, the mayor's secretary, and Paul tries out the Mayor's desk
The Paul Brown Show participated in Edmonton Christmas Bureau's Gingerbread House contest and it got messy
Paul Brown admires his billboard
Paul Brown with Ryan Zimmerman, The Bear's Program Director, before the Howler
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