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Camels – Alice Springs & Capella, AUS

In the 1800’s various industries were working their way across Australia and finding that horses just weren’t hacking it in the harsh conditions. The answer - import camels from India and Afghanistan. They did their jobs well but ending up unemployed when motor vehicles hit the marketplace. Not wanting them to be killed, their caregivers let them loose to take their chances alone in the outback.

The camels thrived in their new environment and today there are approximately one million of them Australia. Unfortunately, this is way too many for a lot of people’s liking. As a result, some of the feral camels are being culled by the government, while others are being captured for camels rides and racing. There’s also a new industry springing up – camel meat. Apparently it’s healthier than beef and could be a better environmental option too.

Unfortunately, transport can be incredibly stressful for the animals, and some animal welfare advocates would rather see the excess camels being shot quickly in the wild than being trucked around. What’s best for the camels?

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