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Dogs – Pompeii, IT

The dogs of this small Italian town live in the ancient ruins of the eruption of 79AD during the day, while hanging out in the modern town square at night. They don’t have any owners – most of them were just dumped off by people that didn’t want them anymore. A lot of those people don’t believe in spaying or neutering their dogs, so more and more unwanted puppies are born.

Many of the dogs are friendly because they depend on tourists for a lot of their food. They have also made friends with some restaurant owners who give them leftovers. A lot of them like to cuddle with anyone who will give them attention and a belly rub.

Eleonora Heide runs the Associazione Pro 4 Zampe (Association of 4 Legs) (www.streunerfreunde-pompeji.de), which does its best to help these dogs. Eleonora and her team try to feed, sterilize and provide medical help for as many dogs as possible, but they do so without any government funding. It’s not an easy job as there are so many dogs in need. Sometimes they don’t have the resources to help the dogs. Fortunately, they are often able to find good homes for the dogs of Pompeii through their website, and can make sure many of the dogs have a happy ending.

Some of the organizations featured in the "Gone Wild" are non-profits or charities needing donations to continue doing their valuable and essential work helping animals. This includes sterilization, medical care, food and finding them forever homes whenever possible. To get involved, please click on How to Help.

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