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Rabbits – Victoria, CDN

While a lot of Canadians won’t dump their dog off to live on their own, too many of them seem to be fine with abandoning their rabbits. Rabbits are known for multiplying quickly, and they’ve proven their ability to do so at the University of Victoria in British Columbia.

It’s hard to get an accurate count, but it’s estimated that about 1000 rabbits call the university campus home. The campus is beautiful and full of flowers and grass for munching, much to the dismay of the groundskeepers. The population is getting so big that the rabbits are now moving beyond the campus and into the neighbourhoods around the university. Some of the neighbours are not happy to be sharing their yards with these cute, but destructive little creatures.

The university has created a task force to figure out what can be done about the rabbit problem. Something needs to be done not only for the gardens, but for the bunnies themselves, many of which get hit by cars or attacked by other territorial rabbits.

Some other places with rabbit problems shoot the rabbits to keep their numbers low. Will that happen at the university? And if it does, would it be a good thing or a bad thing for the rabbits?

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