Instantly tap into the experience of your entire sales force with Insight™: win/loss intelligence software that captures the wisdom of your sales organization, transforming sales anecdotes into sales tactics.
Learn why you are winning and losing deals by deploying the only win/loss review tool that gives your organization instant access to successful sales and negotiation tactics; deal snapshots filtered by date, customer, product, partner, or region; and overall company performance - in one simple interface.

According to analyst firm Gartner, companies can improve win rates when "unstructured data", like anecdotes and quotes, is part of a comprehensive win/loss program.

Insight™ by Ignite is the first widely available software tool that provides organizations access to invaluable "unstrauctured data", supplementing traditional win/loss programs with new information about why teams are winning and losing deals. This unique sales optimization software works by quickly capturing, consolidating, and transforming individual sales experiences into collective intelligence. Sales organizations from any industry or region can capitalize on this data to enhance sales approaches and win more deals.

In addition, other corporate teams can use this information to guide marketing activities, identify competitive threats, and augment product roadmaps.

Everyone wins through Insight™.