IGNITE Services

Developing a win/loss review strategy is hard. Planning and successfully executing that strategy can be even harder.
Let our team of industry experts do the work to create a custom win/loss review program for your organization. We want to help your company increase sales and make you a competitive intelligence hero. Click to contact us now for more information about Ignite, our services and solutions.

The Challenge
Win/loss and competitive analysis programs help organizations determine why they are winning and losing deals and provide insight into business development strategies, but knowing where to start can be overwhelming. Analyst firm Gartner reports that collecting data from deal anecdotes and negotiation tactics improves sales success, but harnessing this data takes planning, focus, and experience - all of which the Ignite consulting team can deliver.

Our Approach
Focusing on your sales teams and their day-to-day interaction with clients, partners, and competitors, Ignite helps you create a strategy to embed an "insight sharing" discipline within your sales teams. We then work with you to plan, design and develop a customized win/loss review program and land it in your organization.

Our Expertise
Our Consultants and Program Managers are senior individuals, just as comfortable in the boardroom as they are at the design table. Ignite professionals understand the complexity multiple stakeholders bring to any program and will work with you to ensure implementation is inclusive and captures the needs of your organization.

Please contact us for more information about Ignite, our services and solutions.