Mobile-Friendly Website Test

April 15, 2015 has been described as mobilegeddon or mopocalypse.  This is the date that Google released a new search algorithm to boost the rankings of mobile-friendly websites.  Test your site to see if it meets Google's standards of mobile-friendliness.

If you find that your site is deficient in any areas, drop us a line at Silver Barrel Solutions to discuss the solutions. 

SEO and Mobile Optimization for 2016

When asked what the single most important emerging SEO trend will be for 2016, Navneet Kaushal, CEO of PageTraffic said: 

"That’s easy. Clearly, mobile optimization will take front and center stage this year. Marketers who neglect to specifically target people using mobile devices will not only be limiting their reach, but they’ll also be effectively committing SEO suicide." *