We're committed to providing a high quality website hosting solution for our customers. It's important to us that our servers are fast, secure and reliable while running the best industry software. A server is essentially a computer that resides in a secure data center where all of your email and website files are stored. Like any technology, things become outdated and as the internet advances, hardware resources like RAM memory and processing performance need to keep up.

For this reason, we routinely decide to upgrade our servers hardware and software. This process involves setting up a completely new server with improved specs along with a full suite of the necessary server software and a revamped control panel. After significant testing, we begin the process of moving sites, as necessary, to the new platform.

We deal with each client's move on an individual basis to ensure that nothing is overlooked. In most cases we reset all passwords associated with the hosting account to ensure that all is safe and secure. We also review any website software, like blogs or CMS platforms, and recommended any necessary updates. Emails are stored in a format that is not readable to us during the transfer so your privacy is protected. Finally, all website components are tested to ensure compliance and proper performance on the new server.

Some of the benefits that you'll enjoy with the new server environment are:

  Improved performance which means that your website will load faster and handle even more traffic than before.
  In many instances, hosting package specs such as server space and bandwidth limits were increased.
  Email connectivity to the server is faster and even more reliable.
  Our new hosting control panel allows for better management of your account. Managing your own email accounts and viewing statistics has never been easier.
  Most website software (if applicable) was reviewed and any necessary updates were recommended.
  Our new webmail application is much easier to use...and looks a whole lot nicer!
  All behind-the-scenes server software was updated to the latest, stable and secure versions.

We hope that you enjoy these ongoing improvements. Should you have a question or need assistance, simply pop in a support ticket at www.silverbarrel.com/helpdesk and we'd be happy to help.